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Nedda Kántor

I am proficient both in Hungarian and English



As a psychologist I gained my first experiences at an adult psychiatric ward. For years I have been a full-time adoption professional. I used to work in a child educational and psychological center and in a children‘s home, so the problems of childhood and adolescence are also familiar to me. I also have a private practice for individuals as well as couples and families.


Besides my qualifications in psychology, I hold an MBA degree too. I have worked in business, partly in multinational environment, for eight years. Therefore I have an insider understanding of its structure and operations and arising psychological challenges.

Regardless whether it is my classic psychologist work, adoption or dating cases, one is common: in the focus of my practice are unfolding the patterns of attachments and strengthening relationships. In a helper situation it is mainly the professional-client relationship what heals. It reflects how one relates to others, to the players of their life. 

psychologist, family therapist

relationship expert, adoption professional

I have offices both in Downtown as well as in the II. district.


If you live or work far from Budapest, or find in-person visits difficult, you may find sessions by Skype to be a convenient alternative. I also use Skype for those individuals or couples who leave for abroad during our therapeutic work.


I am available on Skype at a pre-agreed time only. Schedule a session via email or on my mobile first!


As a first step, in the first 1-3 exploratory meetings (called “first interview”) I make the psychological evaluation. This serves two purposes: One, we can both experience how we could work together. Second, taking into account the nature of your problem, personality and personal needs, I propose an appropriate treatment or consultation form from a range of possible methods.


By the end of the evaluation phase we form the objectives and framework together, and we make this a verbal agreement (called therapeutic contract). The actual therapeutic work starts only after that. I may refer you to another professional if your problem requires a specialist, your need medication, or simply because I do not have foreseeable time available.

Individually I take on adolescences, young adults and adults. As a family therapist I also work with couples and families in my office as well as in the home of the clients. Home visits provide an exceptional opportunity when there are longlasting intrafamilial and intergenerational conflicts, and feeling stuck following adoption.


I use various techniques and approaches in my therapeutic work. Most of all I am a systems thinker with an analytically oriented background. I believe in the significance and power of psychoeducation. Having worked as an associate in the cognitive regime of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences of Semmelweis University for 5 years enriched my therapeutic repertoire.

I work in line with the Ethical Codex of Hungarian Psychologists. It covers the obligation of professional secrecy as well.


Skype:  kantornedda.pszichologus

Mobile: +36 30 321 1797


I return all calls and emails as soon as I can!

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